Morocco: Camel trekking and desert hikes in Sahara with Akabar - Sahara Treks and the team of Ait Atta nomads

New: trekking and nomads festival

26.10.-04.11.2019: music of Sahara festival Taragalte in M'Hamid and camel trekking tour from Jebel Bani through the beautiful canyons of Oued L'Amhasser over black stone hamada and through dunes

04.04.- 13.04.2020: International nomad festival of M'Hamid in combination with camel trekking tour in various dune landscapes up to the canyons of Oued L'Amhasser.

For details see under "hiking through dunes and mountains"




New: 9-day tour through the mountainous landscape of the Jebel Bani, into the Iriki plain and to wide dune areas. A challenging trekking tour in new areas far away from tourism. 9 days of silence, relaxation and taking care by the nomad team of the Jebel Bani area.

9-day trekking tour far away in the Jebel Bani mountains and in extraordinarily beautiful dune areas. This tour is in short form of 5-6 days only in the Jebel Bani mountains and a night in the Iriki-area or in the dunes possible and interesting for travelers who plan a 6-day trekking tour between May and July.

This hike is only offered by Akabar - Sahara treks and runs on paths of the Bani nomads. This first hike was very exciting because the team had to find suitable descents for the camels and looked out for possible wells. As in the new hiking area there were only two wells at a great distance from each other, the team had taken two additional camels to carry water with them in order to be safe.
The price for this very nice and interesting tour (9 days) is:
with 3 persons: 815 EUR, with 4 persons: 725 EUR, with 5 persons: 655 EUR and with 6 persons: 615 EUR.


Video to our new trek:






Fellow traveller wanted:


From 26.10.2019: 8-days trek in varied Sahara landscapes; male traveller looking for fellow travellers to join him


Now flights to Zagora available by following airlines:

Royal Air Maroc: Zagora-Casablanca
Monday 7:05 h morning
Wednesday 22.50 h
Friday 15:10 h
Monday 11:25h morning
Thursday 7.45 h morning
Friday 17.40 h
Air Arabia: Zagora -Marrakech
Wednesday 15:30 h
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Desert news:

Nomad aid projects:

Our Swiss partner has again provided a larger sum for the medical care of the nomadic families of the Jebel Bani area and promised further donations. In future, doctors will visit nomads of this area several times a year. Hafid Benyachou and the Association of Nomads "Association Akabar for Sustainable Development and Culture - الثقافة و للتنمية أكابار جمعية"  are planning to take appropriate measures together with the local health authority of Zagora.

Further Swiss donation projects:

- Desanding or deepening of some wells in the mountains as well as the involvement of lawyers to clarify the issues land rights of the nomads of  Jebel Bani and review of the legality of a judgment.

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Reparation of well on 16th June 2018  - further pictures under "Nomad Aid"


- On 14.12.2018 a big tent was given to a nomad family beeing in need

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Trekking guests who traveled  in their motorhome from Germany to Zagora received two older, well-preserved sewing machines for the nomadic association Akabar, Tafraout/Sahara and handed them over Hafid Benyachou in Zagora. The joy of the nomad women was great. Many thanks for your help.

We continue to search for cheap sewing machines so that nomad women also from the new school in eastern Tafraout can learn how to sew.


Details under nomad aid.