Camel trekking and desert hikes in morocco:

individual – flexible – sustainable

Camel caravan journeys according to old traditions with Akabar -Sahara Treks and the nomads team


Hiking tours from 6 days

Let yourself be inspired! Let yourself be inspired! Experience the timelessness of the desert! Listen to the silence!

Camel trekking in the dune landscapes of the Sahara

Immerse yourself in the sea of dunes, enjoy the silence and vastness, relax! The nomad team of Akabar – Sahara Treks accompanies you through varied dune landscapes.

Hikes in the varied rock and stone desert of Jebel Bani

Walk on old caravan trails and shepherds‘ paths across the plateau of the Jebel Bani Mountains, through gorges and oases, over rocky slabs and gravel plains. Discover ancient settlements, admire rock paintings and engravings. There is the following research report on the rock paintings:

Particularly recommended are our long tours of 8 days or more as described in the example below*: The caravan leads you through wide dune landscapes and on narrow, barely visible shepherd paths through the impressive Jebel Bani Mountains with its gorges and plateaus. Here you will discover oases with water basins or bubbling springs, palm trees, oleanders. Again and again, you will encounter nomadic families who graze their flocks of sheep and goats in the mountains.

Our carefully planned and hiked tours away from tourism allow you to enjoy silence and relaxation as well as being cared for by the nomadic team with delicious Moroccan cuisine, Berber tea and the occasional campfire in the evening, in the embers of which the traditional flatbread is baked.

If you want to have an insight into the agriculture of the Sahara region, Hafid Benyachou offers you to visit the farm and fields of his relatives before or after a trekking tour. It is also possible to start or end a trek at the nomads and semi-nomads village in the high valley of Tafraout/Bani. Hafid Benyachou has taught here for some years at the school for nomads, knows the families and will gladly guide you to the gardens and houses of the inhabitants. The old nomad school is now a meeting place for young and old (see Trekking and Homestay).

Video: Nomad woman prepares the traditional flatbread

It is recommended to plan 1-2 days in Zagora before and after a trekking tour, to let the experiences from the desert sink in, to relax in a hamam, to visit the authentic weekly market (Wednesday and Sunday) and to browse in the numerous shops (Amezrou and Zagora).

*Example of a 9-days tour through the mountainous landscape of Jebel Bani via Iriki National Park and to vast dune areas:

Akabar – Sahara Treks performs here a challenging trekking tour through the impressive mountain landscape of the Jebel Bani to exceptionally beautiful dune areas far away from tourism. 9 days of silence, relaxation and being cared for by the nomadic team from the Jebel Bani. This tour is also available in a short form of 5-6 days only in the Jebel Bani Mountains plus one night in the Iriki national park area or in the dunes and is interesting for travellers who plan a 6-day trekking tour between May and July. This trek is only offered by Akabar – Sahara Treks and follows the paths of the Bani nomads.  As there are only two wells to be found in the hiking area at a great distance from each other, two additional camels are taken along for water.

The price for this very beautiful and interesting 9-day tour is:

for 3 persons: 910 EUR, for 4 persons: 800 EUR, for 5 persons: 720 EUR and for 6 persons: 700 EUR.

Video to the 9 days trek from Jebel Bani via Iriki to the dunes

Trekking Prices 2023 (in EUR per person)

We will be happy to inform you of prices for one person and groups of 7 persons or more

Tour duration / persons5 days 6 days7 days 8 days 10 days12 days
2 Persons65069077085510251205
3 Persons5505706457208651010
4 Persons480510580645780910
5 Persons450460535590710830
6 Persons410455525585705825

Reduction of 25% for children under 10 years. Children/young people from 11 – 17 years receive a free riding camel for the tour on request.

The trekking price includes:

Round trip transfer in 4WD vehicle, camel trekking with English or French speaking guide, cook, chameliers, pack camels, one free riding camel, mineral water for stay during trekking, full board with three meals a day, camping equipment, mattresses, blankets, sheets and large tent or two person tents.

Not included in the price:  Hotel in Amezrou or Zagora, lunch and dinner at the hotel and drinks, tips to the escort team:
Tipping is voluntary; the nomad team is happy to receive it.