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 Trekking in Marokko 



8 days camel trekking along ancient caravan routes                         

From the bustling Tafraout into the tranquility of the dunes
From the fields and farmlands region Alfeija near Zagora climb up into Jebel Bani mountains and stay for the first night near the small oasis of Diabi. We walk along the stony river with its numerous water holes and reach the nomadic area of Tafraout, where we can visit gardens, homes and the nomadic school. Next day, after crossing a pass we reach near Zauit the canyons of Oued L'Amhasser and will visit the ruins of a town abandoned for centuries. Here we can for example find potsherds. With enough time, we can see more ruins on the nearby table mountain. We cross the canyon of Oued L'Amhasser and if there is enough water in Lake Amda we can also refresh ourselves by swimming. Overnight next to the nomad family Ydir. We leave the mountains of Jebel Bani and cross the dunes of Erg Lmasfi, Erg Elghol, Erg Sdra and Erg Bogarn.
From the petroglyphs to the wide dune landscapes
Rise into the silence of the beautiful mountain surroundings of Jebel Bani; walk across the plateau of Alghola to stay overnight next to the black tents of the nomadic family Okhye. Stay of one day in order to visit the different places of cave paintings. The hike is continued over the black rock slabs of Taskhunt. In the next days the caravan will wander through the dunes of Erg Elghol, Erg Chentouf, Erg Sdra, Erg Bogarn until to the end of our route in Erg Oued Laghtach.
Hike on old nomadic paths through unspoilt countryside
Ascent to Jebel Bani mountain and hike up Tjinia, overnight at the nomadic family Muhu. We continue this tour on old paces, yet untouched by tourism, to the oasis Diabi and then pass through the canyons and stone rivers of Oued L'Amhasser. After a stay at the nomad family Ydir we walk through the area of steppe to the smaller Chegaga dunes and Boughan dunes , where we are free from noisy jeep and quad-tourism.


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12 days camel trek -  pure relaxation
From the mountains to the vastness of the desert
Rise into the Jebel Bani mountain range nearby the farmland of Alfeja, crossing the plateau and overnight stay at area of Eleouj. After crossing the fascinating landscape of the black rock slabs we reach the dunes at Erg Elghol. In the coming days we will walk through dune areas such as Erg Sdra and Erg Zahar, arid plains, meet old sanctuaries such as Sidi Naji and Sidi Ishak until we reach the white dunes of Erg Sahl and Tidri oasis .The last night we will spend at the edge of dunes at Bougayurn.
On ancient caravan routes to Iriki Lake area
Nearby the farmland of Alfeija we walk up to the plateau until we reach the black tents of a a nomadic family who discovered the nearby rock paintings only in 2008. We will visit the places of cave paintings, images of thousands of years of colonisation of Jebel Bani mountain range. The trek takes place on old caravan routes in diversified mountain landscape, far away from any tourism. We will spend our nights in the mountains and via the dunes of Erg Elmhazi we will reach Iriki National Park, where we walk and spend our night in calm dunes.
From Iriki Lake area to the mountain wilderness of Jebel Bani
This interesting hike starts at Foum Zguid - Al Jarmia mountains - and goes on the Imdour Amsan tamarisk plains. From the heart of the Iriki National Park the caravan leads through the dunes of Erg Imhasi, the great Chegaga Dunes, Erg Sdra, Oued Latasch up to the very impressive area of Oued L'Amhasser with its rock formations and stone rivers. We walk across the mountain plains of Zouid and Tirrarin / Tafraout and finish this tour by leaving Jebel Bani near the farmlands of Alfeija.


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15 day tour - we dive into the world of the Sahara

For the insatiable desert hikers, we offer a 15-day caravan hike starting from Merzouga to Zagora. We walk through the mountains, dunes, oases and meet some nomadic families. Details on request.  


Trekking-Prices 2018 (in EUR per person)

We designed special prices for 1 to 2 persons to give also single travellers and couples a chance for trekking


Number of persons 5-days tour 6-days tour 8-days tour
10-days tour
1 person 640 710 860 1110
2 persons 500 560 700 820
3 - 4 persons 435 505 635 760
5 - 6 persons 430 495 620 745
7 - 8 persons 435 500 625 750


Prices subject to change.
25% discount for children under 12 years.

Our offers are tightly calculated, food prices, wages and transport costs are current prices in Morocco. For this reason, it is not possible for us to give reductions.

The trekking price includes: Jeep transfer from Zagora to the starting point of the trekking and return, camel trekking with English- or French-speaking guide, cook, chameliers, baggage camels, one additional riding camel, mineral water during trekking, full board with afternoon tea, camping equipment, mattresses, blankets and tent ( if you wish you can have your own tent) insurance.

Further riding camels extra from 15 € per day/camel.

Not included: Hotel in Amezrou or Zagora, lunch and dinner at the hotel as well as drinks, gratuities to our nomadic crew:


Tipping is voluntary; the nomadic team will be delighted.
Recommendation for tipping:
One week trekking 20-30 EUR per participant
2 weeks trekking 30-40 EUR per participant
3 weeks trekking 40-50 EUR per participant
At the end of the hike the tour guide collects  the tip and spread it evenly among the attendants.


We highly recommand our guests the following riads near Zagora: (please contact us, we will make reservations for you at a special price):
Both in Amezrou, about 1.5 km from Zagora, located in the palm groves, winding lanes between the gardens invite you to go walking, very quiet area, authentic, no tourism, relaxation.

Upon request, you will be met by our taxi at the airport and reach on the same day, the hotel in Zagora. Taxi transport Marrakech-Zagora each € 130.00, Ouarzazate- Zagora € 50.00 each.


We reduced our prices for one and two persons in order to make trekking also for singles and couples attractive.