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The following agency also provides you cameltrekking by Akabar - Sahara Treks:

Akabar - Sahara Treks offers together with Angela Elvedi trekking tours, which are accompanied by Berber nomad women, in order to make widows and divorced women as well an income possible. These caravans are under the guidance of Mrs. Elvedi. For more information see:

Transfer to Zagora:
Now flights to Zagora available by following airlines:
Royal Air Maroc from Casablanca to Zagora
Monday 7:25 h- 10.25 h
Wednesday 16.10 h - 18.05 h
Thursday 7:25 h - 10.25 h
Friday 16.10 h - 18.05 h
1. Airlines from Germany/France/Switzerland to Morocco:

The following applies to delayed baggage: In Morocco, baggage can not be delivered due to local customs regulations. There, all luggage must be collected personally at the airport.


2. Moroccanian bus companies for public bus transfer:


3. Transfer by Grand-Taxi
Taxi stand at Bab Doukhala, price per tour to Ouarzazate and Zagora e.g. 120 Dirham each, but to enjoy your own seat you have to pay double, as in those taxis each seat is counted twice, plus luggage costs.
Travelling further to Zagora you have to change in Ouarzazate and pay the next stage.


4. Transfer by private taxi directly from Zagora
(booking via H. Benyachou) price at the moment approx.130 EUR each tour from and to Marrakech and approx. 50 EUR each from and to Ouarzazate


Duration of journey:  Marrakech - Zagora = 7 - 8 hours
Marrakech - Atlas/Ait Bougoumez = 6 hours
Ait Bougoumez - Zagora = 7 hours
Zagora - Fez = 9 hours


In Amezrou, ca 1,5 km from Zagora in the palm gardens near riber Draa, alleyways between the garden invite to walks, all very quiet.

In MarrakechWe can give information about some hotels. Please ask us.

In Ouarzazate:

Hotel Azoul:

Riad Dar Barbara:

In/near Agadir: