Trekking and activities


Sahara nomad’s life with local people of Tafraout plus camel trekking tour


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In this programm you will experience a real semi-nomad’s life in Tafraout plus camel trekking in different areas of Sahara:

  • Make carpet together with women and girls of the village: you will learn how to make Berber carpets plus Berber jewelleries, bags, jellabas and much more

  • Learn the local Berber language as well as Arabic at Nomads‘ schools. You can also teach the local students English, French or German and share the knowledge.

  • Experience everyday life with semi-nomad family of Tafraout (baking bread, prepare Berber meals, feeding animals, working on agriculture lands, go with the goat herd, making and listening to Berber music...)

  • Walk together with camels caravan in Bani Mountain and discover its wild oasis of palm trees, its river canyons as well as some nomads in their tents and finally walk in different landscapes of dunes in Sahara.

This programm will be from 6 days because it needs lot of time and patience to enjoy the individual items of this programm.

Sahara survival tour with camels – on the way in Sahara like nomads


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  • Individual requests (one or two person) for survival trekking without tents.

  • Walk in Sahara landscapes, on wild tours relying on your technics and nomad’s ones to live in Sahara: how to make fire in old way, to cook your drinking water, collect wood, look for suitable food etc

  • We know some places where you can for example find plants and fruits to eat and also some animals like iguana, lizards, insects, frogs etc

  • Buy a goat from Nomad’s family to provide them some income and in the same time slaughter a goat likenomads did it in the past.

  • To be safe, we will also take some fresh food and some mineral water in case we do not find water and food during our trek.

Starts from 3 days and runs up to 8 days. You are going to walk with nomad’s team who will share with you their experience and technics to survive in Sahara.

Special program for families with children - meeting Berber Nomad’s children and having many activities together:


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  • A little bit adventure, watching animals, camel riding, experience and playing in the sand dunes, campfire, learning and making music with drums and much more

  • Learn and study with local kids at nomads‘ schools, exchange information and activities, play local games etc.

  • You are going to walk also with local children together with camel caravan. It’s a chance to learn from each other and have an idea how nomads‘ children react with Sahara situations

Starts from 3 days and runs up to 6 days.