Morocco: Camel trekking in Sahara - mountain hikes in High Atlas with Akabar - Sahara Treks and the team of Ait Atta nomads

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Short treks from two to four days: 

Due to the many requests for two and four day camel trekking tours we offer you here some short tours. These hikes, however, only partly correspond to our philosophy of treks off the beaten path of tourism in the vastness of Sahara and contact with nomads of the Jebel Bani mountains. However, we assure that the guide and team come from nomadic families and the camels are taken only from nomads of the Ait Atta tribe.

Our caravans are individual, which means you only walk here with your partner/friend and not in a large group. For short trips from three persons we will gladly inform you about the price.



Sand, mountains and palm trees - 3-days camel tour:

The starting point of this short trek is the oasis Sauid Sidi Salah near Tagounite. Through oases with gardens and date palms we cross the Draa River to Jebel Ngag where mountains meet dunes. The hike leads off the car traffic to the white dunes of Erg Sahl to the last village on the Algerian border - M'Hamid Ghislane. Via M'Hamid return to Zagora.

Trekking price for 2 persons*: 645 EUR,  (with 4 persons: 86 EUR/person/day; with 6 persons: 67 EUR/person/day) riding camel extra 15 EUR/day





From M 'Hamid to oases, dunes and the old desert kashbah Sidi Ishak - 3-days trekking tour:

The caravan starts this short tour in M'Hamid Ghislane, the last village near the Algerian border. The tour leads across the Draa River to an oasis and from there to Sidi Ishak - an old dilapidated Jewish kashbah in the dune area. We spend the night in the dunes near the interesting Kashbah ruines. On the third day we walk over plains and dunes to the oasis of Sauid Sidi Salah and return to Zagora

Trekking price for 2 persons*:  645 EUR(with 4 persons: 86 EUR/person/day; with 6 persons: 67 EUR/person/day) riding camel extra 15 EUR/day




Camel trekking in dunes of Sahara - 3 hiking days:

Transfer by jeep to the dunes, where the nomad team is waiting with their camels. 3-days hike hike through different dune areas, alternating with plains.
Trekking price for 2 persons*: 805 EUR, (with 4 persons: 99 EUR/person/day; with 6 persons: 76 EUR/person/day) riding camel extra 15 EUR/day




From the fascinating black rock and stone desert into the dunes - 3-day trekking tour:

Transfer by jeep to Jebel Bani and climb into the mountain range. Lunch on the plateau with great view of the dunes in front of us. We walk over black gravel and rocks. After rainfall, we may find ponds and lakes between the individual rock slabs. Overnight in a small oasis or near nomadic families. On the second day we will walk through the diversified foothills of Bani mountains to the dunes of Erg Lmghaznia. On the third day the tour continues through the dunes. Lunch break under tamarisk, here the jeep driver, who brings us back to Zagora via M'Hamid will await us.

Trekking-price for 2 persons*: 745 EUR(with 4 persons: 67 EUR/person/day; with 6 persons: 55 EUR/person/day) riding camel extra 15 EUR/day



From Oued L'Amhasser to the dunes - 4 hiking days:

Transfer by jeep to the foot of the Jebel Bani mountain range and ascent to the mountains. We walk over wide plains and stay overnight near a small oasis. The hike continues through the valleys of the impressive Jebel Bani mountains to the dune foreland. Overnight either in the mountains or in the dunes.

Trekking-price for 2 persons*: 915 EUR(with 4 persons: 87 EUR/person/day; with 6 persons: 71 EUR/person/day) riding camel extra 15 EUR/day


*The trekking price includes: Jeep transfer from Zagora to the starting point of the trekking and return, camel trekking with English- or French-speaking guide, cook, chameliers, baggage camels,  mineral water during trekking, full board with afternoon tea, camping equipment, mattresses, blankets and large tent, insurance.

Riding camels extra from 15 € per day/camel, small tent for 1-2 persons 7 EUR/day.

Not included: Hotel in Amezrou or Zagora, lunch and dinner at the hotel as well as drinks, gratuities to our nomadic crew