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Our long hikes:

Especially recommended are the long tours from 8 days onwards. We dive into the desert landscapes, hiking on narrow, barely visible herders' pathes through the lonely Jebel Bani mountains with its gorges and traverse vast plains, oases with palm trees, olive trees, oleander and many medicinal plants of the nomads. From the southern edge of the Jebel Bani, we look out over shimmering black plains, mountains and slabs of rock into the almost endless expanse of the Sahara. In the haze, the dunes can be guessed. Depending on the season and weather, either the mountains or the dune landscapes are focused.
Hafid Benyachou's carefully selected and tested tours allow travellers to be quiet and relaxed, as well as being cared for by his nomadic team with delicious Moroccan cuisine, berber tea and occasionally a campfire in the evening, where in the embers the traditional flatbread will be baked.
The special effect of the long desert walks is describes as follows by Jürgen Werner in his book "Wüstenwandern, Unterwegs am Rande der Unendlichkeit".

"Beinahe rund um die Uhr werden wir fremdbestimmt, und tagtäglich bombardieren uns Tausende von Sinneseindrücken....Wir sind eingespannt in einen Alltag, der uns viel zu wenig Zeit gewährt, Atem zu holen.
... Nur selten finden wir Muße, innezuhalten und uns umzusehen, wo wir uns eigentlich befinden, wo unser Herz, unsere Seele zu Hause sind. ...
Wenn wir in die Wüste gehen, ist alles anders. Es gibt wohl nur wenige Orte auf unserer Erde, die sich so wesentlich von den uns vertrauten Orten der Zivilisation unterscheiden wie die Wüste. Nichts ist dort so, wie wir es kennen und wie wir es aus unserem Leben gewohnt sind. Durchqueren wir die Wüste, durchqueren wir einen Raum der Stille und Unermesslichkeit. ...Jedoch das Gehen in der Wüste hält für uns viele Chancen bereit. Es kann uns von Begehrlichkeiten befreien und auch von negativem Denken und Überheblichkeit. Wenn wir es Blick beruhigt sich an den einfachen Formen von Sand, Felsen und Himmel."



5 days camel trekking on nomadic paths through dunes and mountains

From cave painting site to the nomads' village:
Ascent into this varied mountain landscape of Jebel Bani. Opportunity to visit the cave paintings which were discovered only in 2008. During the next four days the caravan will go through the diverse rock desert, valleys and canons of the Jebel Bani mountain range. On the way we will meet nomad families herding their flock. The trek ends in the mountain valley of Tafraout. Visit the semi-nomadic community, see their gardens, the nomadic school and individual homes. Overnight stay with a family or in the vicinity of the school. (Please read here for further information:
Caravan from the dunes to Jebel Bani Mountains:
The tour starts at the sand dunes of Oued Latash, continues through various dunes and leads across steppe landscape to the fascinating Oued L'Amhasser area in Jebel Bani mountains. We stay overnight in remote valleys, walk over plains, come to oasis and finally descend to the farmland of Alfeija. 




8 days camel trekking along ancient caravan routes                         

From the bustling Tafraout into the tranquility of the dunes
From the farmlands region Alfeija we climb up into Jebel Bani mountains. The hike leads along a stony river with its numerous water holes and reach the valley of Tafraout, where we can visit gardens, homes and the nomadic school of the semi-nomadic families. Next day, after crossing a pass we will reach the canyons of Oued L'Amhasser and visit the ruins of a town abandoned for centuries. On our way in the mountain range we will meet nomads herding their flock. The caravan finaly reaches the varying dune landscapes ot the South.
From the petroglyphs to the wide dune landscapes
Rise into the silence of the beautiful mountain surroundings of Jebel Bani with it's canons, oasis, rock slabs and wide plains. Stay of one day in order to visit the different places of cave paintings. The hike is continued over the black rock slabs of Taskhunt. In the next days the caravan will wander through sand dunes.
Hike on old nomadic paths through unspoilt countryside
Ascent to Jebel Bani mountain and overnight near the nomadic family Muhu. We continue this tour on old paces, yet untouched by tourism and pass through the canyons and stone rivers of Oued L'Amhasser. Thereafter we walk over steppe to the dune areas, where we are free from noisy jeep and quad-tourism.

     Video1     Video: Nomad woman preparing traditional bread



9-day tour through the mountainous landscape of the Jebel Bani, into the Iriki plain and to wide dune areas. A challenging trekking tour in new areas far away from tourism. 9 days of silence, relaxation and taking care by the nomad team of the Jebel Bani area.

9-day trekking tour far away in the Jebel Bani mountains and in extraordinarily beautiful dune areas. This tour is in short form of 5-6 days only in the Jebel Bani mountains and a night in the Iriki-area or in the dunes possible and interesting for travelers who plan a 6-day trekking tour between May and July.

This hike is only offered by Akabar - Sahara treks and runs on paths of the Bani nomads. As in the new hiking area there were only two wells at a great distance from each other, the team has to take two additional camels to carry water with them in order to be safe.
The price for this very nice and interesting tour (9 days) is:
with 3 persons: 910 EUR, with 4 persons: 800 EUR, with 5 persons: 720 EUR and with 6 persons: 700 EUR.



Video to our new trek:



12 days camel trek -  pure relaxation
From the mountains to the vastness of the desert
Rise into the Jebel Bani mountain range nearby the farmland of Alfeja and crossing the plateau. After walking in the fascinating landscape of the black rock slabs we reach the dunes. In the coming days we hike through varied dune areas, arid plains, meet old sanctuaries such as Sidi Naji until we reach the white dunes of Erg Sahl and Tidri oasis .
On ancient caravan routes to Iriki Lake area
Nearby the farmland of Alfeija we walk up to the plateau. We will visit the places of cave paintings, images of thousands of years of colonisation of Jebel Bani mountain rang, which were discovered in 2008. The trek takes place on old caravan routes in diversified mountain landscape, far away from any tourism. We hike to the dunes of Erg Elmhazi and reach the area of Iriki National Park. In the following days we walk through varied dune landscapes.
From Iriki Lake area to the mountain wilderness of Jebel Bani
This interesting hike starts at Foum Zguid - Al Jarmia mountains - and goes on the Imdour Amsan tamarisk plains. From the heart of the Iriki National Park the caravan leads through the dunes of Erg Imhasi, the great Chegaga Dunes, Erg Sdra, Oued Latasch up to the very impressive area of Oued L'Amhasser with its rock formations and stone rivers. We walk across the mountain plains of Zouid and Tirrarin / Tafraout and finish this tour by leaving Jebel Bani near the farmlands of Alfeija.

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For the insatiable desert hikers, we offer a 15-day caravan hike starting from Merzouga to Zagora. We walk through the mountains, dunes, oases and meet some nomadic families. Details on request.  


Trekking-Prices 2022/23 (in EUR per person) 

Prices for one person and groups from 7 persons onwards are available on request

5 days trek  6 days trek
 7 days trek  8 days trek
 9 days trek  10 days trek
 12 days trek
2 persons 650 690 770 855 940 1025 1205
3 persons 550 570 645 720  790 865 1010
4 persons 480 510 580 645 710 780 910
5 persons 450 460  535 590 635 710 830
6 persons 410 455 525 585 645 705 825


25% discount for children under 10 years, from 11 to 17 years each child can get one free riding camel if wanted.

The trekking price includes: Jeep transfer from Zagora to the starting point of the trekking and return, camel trekking with English- or French-speaking guide, cook, chameliers, baggage camels, one free riding camel, mineral water during trekking, full board with 3 meals a day, camping equipment, mattresses, blankets, sheets and large tent.

Not included: Hotel in Amezrou or Zagora, lunch and dinner at the hotel as well as drinks, gratuities to our nomadic crew:

Tipping is voluntary; the nomadic team will be delighted. At the end of the hike the tour guide collects  the tip and spread it evenly among the attendants.