Morocco: Camel trekking and desert hikes in Sahara with Akabar - Sahara Treks and the team of Ait Atta nomads

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The Tafraout area in Jebel Bani

The valley of Tafraout - in the Jbel Bani Mountains - is located about 2 driving hours from Zagora
Electricity has only been available since mid-March 2016. Depending on where you live in Tafraout, there is more or less water, as the valley is traversed by an underground aquifer similar to a river. So the wells have also different depths, such as about 140 m at the new nomadic school. If necessary, the inhabitants pump water into an open container located a few hundred meters from their houses. Women and children carry daily many canisters of water into their homes. There are hardly any toilets and showers. For cooking they use the wood, which is collected on the daily walk of the shepherds. The nomads in the mountains take water, if any, from water holes or walk with a donkey to a farther well.
The inhabitants of Tafraout built in the past years in stages two roads through the valley, the state supported them with equipment.
Since about 2015, agriculture in the Tafraout Valley is developing very quickly. In 2012/2013, when only a few semi-nomads planted watermelons in their gardens, melon fields, pumps and distributors for drip irrigation can now be seen everywhere. On the part of the state there is support for farmers in the form of water reservoirs (about 20x5x3m) and pump houses. People are focusing on growing watermelons, which are the first in Morocco to ripen  and provide people with a good income.
When looking into the mud houses, however, you notice no change.
The daily water is still carried with canisters into the houses and it is still cooked  and baked with fire wood .
Aid projects
The nomadic families of Tafraout are supported since years with great commitment  by:

   The Italian association "Associazione Mondo Incantato" - Establishment of nomadic schools and funding of teachers -
FAO  - Financing of the 2nd nomad school in the Tafraout Valley -
the German associoation "Engineers without borders" - Ingenieure ohne Grenzen -
Sparkasse Markgräflerland - high water containers, water pipes and kitchen annex


Trekking guests of our Swiss partner provided a larger sum for the medical care of the nomadic families of the Jebel Bani area as well as for repair of wells:

 Brunnen1      Brunnen5      Brunnen2      

 Brunnen3      Brunnen4     Brunnen7


Together with the community of nomads Tafraout/Sahara "Association Akabar for Sustainable Development and Culture - الثقافة و للتنمية أكابار جمعية" we develop the following measures:

  • tent schools for nomadic societies in remoted area
  • import of sewing machines for nomad women
  • medical treatment of nomadic societies