Morocco: camel trekking and hiking in desert dunes of Sahara;
Walking off the beaten track through the fascinating desert rock landscape of Jebel Bani mountain range;

Hiking in Atlas mountains, Anti-Atlas and Saghro massif;
Homestay with nomadic families, Yoga and hiking; Sahara jeep tours

Authentic caravans and mountain hikes in Morocco with "Akabar - Sahara Treks" and the team of Ait Atta nomads.

Camel trekking and overnight stays with nomads in cooperation with the nomad families of Jebel Bani Mountains in southern Morocco: with our offer of trekking and trekking plus homestay we provide an income to the people of the desert areas, which allows nomads to continue living in their environment and their culture, and thus are not forced by poverty to emigrate to cities. 
Our trekking tours of 5-15 days lead off tourist beaten track on ancient nomad pathes and caravan ways, on the daily hiking trails of the shepherds through the varied and fascinating stone wilderness of Jebel Bani, through dunes, over hamada and through oases. On our caravans with visit of local families, you will experience life and culture of the nomadic people of the desert.
Our treks are safe; they are accompanied by Berbers of Ait Atta and move on tribal lands.The treks are conducted from one person up to groups of eight people.

Season: Homestay and trekking mid-September to the end of May, round trips all year





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Current news to:

1. Fellow traveller wanted:  


2. our trekking offer:

The autumn holidays will come soon!  We offer suitable trekking for families. Each family will receive an additional riding camel on our costs during the trek.


Hiking in the Atlas mountain region: Toubkal, Siroua and Saghro

3. Nomad aid projects:

The German voluntary organisation of "Ingenieure ohne Grenzen" succeded with their water project in Tafraout/Jebel Bani. Details under nomad aid.



Discount for regular customers

We reduced our prices for one and two persons in order to make trekking also for singles
and couples attractive.

As of a second trek with Akabar - Sahara Treks you will get a reduction of EUR 50,00 per person.